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PoC‖GTFO is a roughly quarterly journal edited and published by the Tract Association of PoC‖GTFO and Friends: a partially anonymous group of computer security researchers and academics. New issues are published whenever a sufficient number of articles are peer-reviewed, accepted, and edited.

Unlike other computer security publications, PoC‖GTFO strongly emphasizes hardcopy distribution; issues are always distributed first in hardcopy, typically at large computer security conferences. To accomplish this, issues are distributed under a «самиздат» license, which encourages readers to “bookleg” copies and set up digital mirrors. Typically, digital copies are released within a week of the initial hardcopy distribution. The Tract Assocation of PoC‖GTFO does not have its own centralized website; digital copies are seeded to a handful of mirrors (including this one), which then spread virally throughout the readers’ mirrors.

Also unlike other publications, PoC‖GTFO has a clear editorial goal of supporting “Junk Hacking.”

To stay abreast of new issues follow Travis Goodspeed’s or my Twitter feeds.

=== Releases 2017

Release 0x16

Release 0x16 pdf Oct. 2017

Release 0x15

Release 0x15 pdf Jun. 2017

Release 0x14

Release 0x14 pdf Mar. 2017

=== Releases 2016

Release 0x13

Release 0x13 pdf Oct. 2016

Release 0x12

Release 0x12 pdf Jun. 2016

Release 0x11

Release 0x11 pdf Mar. 2016

Release 0x10

Release 0x10 pdf Jan. 2016

=== Releases 2015

Release 0x09

Release 0x09 pdf Sep. 2015

Release 0x08

Release 0x08 pdf Jun. 2015

Release 0x07

Release 0x07 pdf Mar. 2015

=== Releases 2014

Release 0x06

Release 0x06 pdf Mar. 2014

Release 0x05

Release 0x05 pdf Jun. 2014

Release 0x04

Release 0x04 pdf Aug. 2014

Release 0x03

Release 0x03 pdf Nov. 2014

=== Releases 2013

Release 0x02

Release 0x02 pdf Dec. 2013

Release 0x01

Release 0x01 pdf Oct. 2013

Release 0x00

Release 0x00 pdf Aug. 2013

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MD5 (pocorgtfo00.pdf) = d74949bc9ca4dc265dbf2ff540fe6837
MD5 (pocorgtfo01.pdf) = 151bb48f35895ba75e3c5f4b89b1ba87
MD5 (pocorgtfo02.pdf) = 39e5658e24a08e786955af1f4d7e2852
MD5 (pocorgtfo03.pdf) = b90e36dbd5f192723c84c7ad002a616e
MD5 (pocorgtfo04.pdf) = 895598b7946d5b11adedad2e574b2b24
MD5 (pocorgtfo05.pdf) = 74a17e1cb87cbf1dc31eebe5c7aea639
MD5 (pocorgtfo06.pdf) = 02222f78842741c8b74237abe72f4015
MD5 (pocorgtfo07.pdf) = 1cb67f33d8b1a63bf4f729ddf328eba3
MD5 (pocorgtfo08.pdf) = 257fc8f01fa20e21f8bd5577639ff596
MD5 (pocorgtfo09.pdf) = 4dc7e88a1f88df3f169245af8c148bde
MD5 (pocorgtfo10.pdf) = a80760ce9298ead26efe566ed031e5f4
MD5 (pocorgtfo11.pdf) = b162285329c2f293a3daef69889c327e
MD5 (pocorgtfo12.pdf) = 23f54e6844686c6420fc66a981313b4c
MD5 (pocorgtfo13.pdf) = 1f019532beb6db4b234b3f328d4fa68e
MD5 (pocorgtfo14.pdf) = 5eaf00d25c14232555a51a50b126746c
MD5 (pocorgtfo15.pdf) = 8363161248b01cc83bc7b437c423ce70
MD5 (pocorgtfo16.pdf) = 077321dc32ba752a1b52039649e9bf31

SHA256 (pocorgtfo00.pdf) = c4d1d1091187b98a9bb28452bc6564a1e8c0ce10d20ba2b4a20f8b7798f7ab64
SHA256 (pocorgtfo01.pdf) = a0f93a265d38257a06fd7fd210f73ea9c55a94ac1305c65c0510ada236c2cc88
SHA256 (pocorgtfo02.pdf) = f427e8d95c0ac15abe61d96fb75cfb55df1fd5ac9e713cf968f3602267ca155e
SHA256 (pocorgtfo03.pdf) = 7094f5c6a3936e0d0b8f5e42b4d1940413f568e9a3617be0d7d6dc73cb3420e1
SHA256 (pocorgtfo04.pdf) = 1d1567b8ac533cd142a8af560266ca60939fed02e3af1f6fd0816b26473afd01
SHA256 (pocorgtfo05.pdf) = 9623609a9c0ecd95674e6da3de322baa141f5460cbcb93eeaade22eaf2c80640
SHA256 (pocorgtfo06.pdf) = bf4d8846fbbb1071c7ec033004eda8ea8809676fe388db6faa020d781cb8ac26
SHA256 (pocorgtfo07.pdf) = 601534f4355c5e0eb292c6dd6edaf5055625d23e0de869f88193606415e6a35f
SHA256 (pocorgtfo08.pdf) = 7a942c425f471f99d8cba8da117cc4a53cddb3551e4b16c8b9feae31b5654a33
SHA256 (pocorgtfo09.pdf) = 8ad70d4dd0c0f53e8c479d1d573e5a365ea673acafa9fd61fa5231e18502a6ad
SHA256 (pocorgtfo10.pdf) = 1e350e30383fd332678654b6067fe4b6ea3d25d7f41a24a4c81fe913b295c9de
SHA256 (pocorgtfo11.pdf) = 44d56d717c7b3baf7e11aa6624d5a80a90b132a519e61b9682a5f4a635b04c78
SHA256 (pocorgtfo12.pdf) = 441216e475e69564192f2121daa5dd465835072718366b75b08b9272ff9cf08b
SHA256 (pocorgtfo13.pdf) = c881c67557af52864654791a2a494f329a2fa397236bf0e961508f0769b0a3f5
SHA256 (pocorgtfo14.pdf) = b9db617dcc146cc99f4379b3162a35818d884bf4032ab854b6ec00b5ec98138d
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SHA256 (pocorgtfo16.pdf) = 10f0cb977f03824737a413079ded14b237b7ee155a5397e804586ab7151ed0a3

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